Όνειρο Ζωής στη Θάσο

Verdant Thasos is an island of incomparable beauty, which deserves its epithet “Emerald”! It is a mountainous and verdant island adorned with turquoise beaches with crystal clear waters. However, it does not only stand out as a place of natural beauty, but is also popular for its archaeological sites, which satisfy its countless visitors’ interest in history. All of the above in combination with the exquisite local cuisine unquestionably make our island an irresistible holiday destination!

Life's Dream - The Island


Life's Dream in Thasos

A plethora of finds provide evidence concerning the way of life of the residents of the island, dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras up to the Prehistoric Period.

Excavations have brought to light remarkable finds of prehistoric settlements as well as graveyards with monolithic embossed forms portraying warriors and other figures. Thasos has been an attraction from the prehistoric times until the modern era and its history is in progress…


Life's Dream in Thasos

It is hard to choose among the countless attractions of this blessed place, which are all worth visiting; every corner is a hidden treasure!
Its enchanting beaches and the picturesque villages immersed in lush vegetation are only two examples.
However, Thasos offers a plethora of archaeological sites for history enthusiasts as well, such as the Acropolis of Thasos, the ancient market, the ancient theater and the archaeological museum at the Port.
And from a religious perspective, the church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary at the village Panagia, as well as the monastery of Archangel Michael in Alyki are worth visiting.

Life's Dream - The Island


Life's Dream in Thasos

There is always a new, breathtaking beach to discover on Thasos island. The combination of white and golden sand, turquoise waters and green vegetation captivates all the visitors of the island.

  • Chrysi Akti
  • Chrysi Ammoudia
  • Agios Antonios
  • Alykes
  • Trypiti
  • Skala Potamia
  • Pachis
  • Pefkari
  • Paradisos
  • Giola
  • Saliara or Marble beach


Life's Dream in Thasos

Thasos has a lot more to offer in addition to its wonderful beaches. It is worth discovering the wide variety of activities the island offers to its visitors. So, if you are looking for some action while on holiday, we recommend:

Water sports

Boat trips



4x4 Routes

Mountain biking

Archaeological sites

Museums and Exhibitions



  • Olive harvesting
  • Oil production
  • Honey production

Thasos Summer Festival